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Private Investigator

Cheryl D. Ring 

Skip Tracer 1989-2018

 L.P.I. Specialist, Strategic Solutionist, 2002-2018

 Life Coach for confident building 2002-present  Booking

Continuing Educational Instructor 2013-present  Schedule


I was not your stereotypical investigator as one tends to think when they hear the title. In the beginning, I was merely a skip tracer where I pulled resources, material, pictures, and more to put hundreds of puzzles together and work to achieve the goal of my employer. This job required the ability to have an open mind, simplify information, pay close attention to detail, think outside the box, and have a serious amount of focus because this is tedious work. I did this for five years until I accepted a position as chief investigator and manager of Dash Investigations, a California-based company. I hired my friends some of whom were pi's, security officers, deputy sheriffs, and police officers who worked with me and ran the office and we did this for 28 years after I bought out the owner two years into my employment. Nine years into my career I found myself face-to-face with a Sociopath. This is where life got interesting and emotionally devastating. 

Who doesn’t like a good mystery and adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat?

​Nine years into my career would you believe it, I fell victim to a career criminal who then challenged me to a cat-and-mouse game wherein the end it was up to me to beat him at his own game.  He was not the easiest catch! You couldn't make this story up!  It's compelling!  Adventurous! Undeniably, will have you on the edge of your seat!  You might know the story as told on National Television!  I was blindsided and not prepared for what was ahead of me because I had no experience in criminal investigations but I learned, really quickly, on the job, as the lead over the investigative team and law enforcement who served as back-up as well as making an arrest once we were in position. My on-the-job figuring it out as I go began a 3-week manhunt. I found clues along the way that led to hiding places and I found the evidence that would contradict the perp's claims. Other victims spanned between California to Michigan but I was the one who paid the price. Sociopaths are ruthless but this one was no stranger to me. It was the pain and the hurt and the questions that took me on a 2-year journey in search of answers. I discovered natural skills I didn't know I had and I was a sponge when it came to education. Having a photographic memory comes in handy in this line of work and being that I am a literal communicator therefore I hear and interpret literally too and sometimes forget to communicate or interpret non-literal but it's challenging when you have practiced it most of your adult life. I hear and comprehend what people say they may not realize they are saying. I'm a left-handed Scorpio so figure that one out. It's all relative. With that, I can teach you how to solve a problem! Interested? You can sign up for my class, here.


I found my purpose to use my experience to help others. I served as an advocate for emotionally and mentally abused women executing their escape plans and then working with them to help them rebuild their confidence. I continue to serve the community by offering educational seminars and programs through the community college, Parkway-Rockwood School District, Webster Community Center, Maryland Heights Community Center, private organizations, and After gaining experience and education I became a specialist called Strategist Solutionist and Life Coach where I gained 18 years of experience.  


News commentary for KTVI channel 4 News 2001-2011

Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce, Published article in 2004

Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce, Speaker in 2004

KSDK channel 5 News, featured story in 2004

Lifetime Television (Reality-TV) Final Justice with Erin Brockovich in 2004 

Radio Talk Show 97.1 in 2004

St. Louis Graphic Arts & Communications Association, Inc., 2005, and recipience of certificate of appreciation, celebrity speaker in 2005

MyTalk Radio 107.1 on the Ian and Margie Show in the Twin Cities in 2005 & 2007

WGNU, talk show host on Crimetime Live 2005-2006

Working Women's Survival Show, speaker in 2017

Interviewed on FOX channel 2 News in 2017

Featured in various newspapers articles



High Profile Cases 

Criminal - my case (fugitive caught - plead guilty to multiple felonies - sentenced to 15 years)

Missing child - Shawn Hornbeck (found)

Missing child - Bianca Piper (still missing)

Missing child - Christian Ferguson (found deceased) 

Ryan Ferguson - murder case - found guilty by association - 40-year sentence - released after serving 10 years 


Education and Certifications:

Skip Tracing : Missing Persons : Courtroom Testimony 

Suspicious Activity Reporting :  Deception Detection : Infidelity Investigations  

Domestic and Commercial Surveillance Investigations

Identity Theft : Homeland Security : Ethics and Laws for Private Investigators 

PI Surveillance Laws : General Ethics : Business Law : Brain Function : Psychopathy/Psychology

Human Behavior

I am a mother of two teenagers and a dog whom I enjoy spending time with and sharing new experiences with. We invent unique projects and make videos challenging our creativity from time before.

I am in my 9th year in my research project on life after death and co-host of the new Vidcast Social Bridge Network©  with none other than my friend and former co-host of Crimetime Live, Brooklyn B, also former St. Louis Chapter Leader of the Guardian Angels, radio personality and writer. We will entertain our listeners from the Chatergy Studios, coffee houses, and on the streets as we speak with people about their funniest most difficult common problems and attempt to help find a way to solve them. It's entertainment!


In my spare time, I am writing my second non-fiction book using my case log. It features the behind-the-scenes work of my career that includes self-help tools for hopeless romantics, adventure seekers, and those who need a trespasser fix.  Action Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Guide, and Self Help. 

Lessons to live by - Only give as good as you expect to receive! Don't ever assume you know what someone is thinking or feeling because it's probably not what you think. Communicate. Never assume it's your fault or that someone is upset with you because you'll know if they are. Always have compassion for people because you don't know what they are going through, a smile doesn't always mean happiness. Own your behavior and your mistakes because we all make them, and don't lie because there's no point. Be true to who you are, don't let people control your behavior, and make the most of your time, don't let other people waste it. Cheryl D. Ring

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