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Corona 2020 Virus: Survivors Guide

One minute, things are “normal”, and then voilà we are transported to another existence. As if in the blink of an eye. We didn’t know it was coming and hardly had any time to process it as it was happening, and it happened fast.

The Coronavirus is an alien. We know little about it. What we do know is that it transfers itself from person to person with the help of mucus droplets by the way of a cough or sneeze. The droplets can land anywhere and be picked up by the hand of a person who carries it around unless hands are properly washed at that precise moment. If you touch your eyes, mouth or nose the Coronavirus cells will be carried into your blood stream. Depending on your underlying health will depend on your survival. We know that people are dying and it’s spreading like wildfire. We don’t know enough about it to create a solution such as a vaccine. People are being sequestered or given a curfew in order to contain it and keep it from spreading. Businesses are closing and people are losing their jobs and benefits. Schools are closing and parents are scrambling to figure out how they can earn a living and be home with their kids where they will remain indefinitely. There is nowhere to go. It is undeniable that we are heading into a recession. The suicide rate will increase as well as obesity and the healthcare workers will be taking care of more sick people that will suffer from various illnesses. We are in the middle of a pandemic tornado and everybody is panicking.

The borders are closing putting the obvious sense of belonging into the air. The gates are closed at Disney, and movie theaters that never close are closed. We are secluded to our homes. Grocery stores have changed their hours in order to accommodate their employees and the gyms are closed. If you are lucky enough to have good weather, there is always the great outdoors.

Enough is enough. It is what it is. All we can do is learn to cope until it ends. It will end, eventually. But remember, THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON.

Don’t get mad. Get creative. Time will pass quickly, and every day is a Saturday. Woot! Woot!

Keeping a routine will keep you focused and grounded. Get up and take a shower and get dressed and have some breakfast with your morning brew. If you have pets, they are sure to help you get through this especially if you live alone. If you have lost your job, there are several job openings as a result of this pandemic. You never know if it will lead you to a better position with a better company.

Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We will come out of this with a different outlook on life as we know it now. It may be brighter or dimmer. We must wait to find out.

What do “they” say about Gods purpose for the living? I think it’s LOVE. Love yourself, your family and friends and love thy neighbor. If ever, now is the time. Love is what we should depend on to get through this progressive and challenging time. We are all facing the same challenge and we are all in it together. Nobody is alone. You are not alone.

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