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Private Investigator


Cheryl D. Ring aka Cherie D  

Investigator/Skip Tracer: 1989-2018

 L.P.I. Specialist, Strategic Solutionist, 2002-2018

 Life Coach for Confidence Building 2002-present  Booking

Continuing Educational Instructor 2013-present    Schedule

Hospice Volunteer 2016-2023

Podcasts: Diary of a Private Investigator: Infidelity to Identity Theft

                 Emotional Escape

                 The Social Bridge Network

 Published Children's Book: "There's a Cow in My Car" 

Welcome to my About page. I am a retired investigative Strategic Solutionist with Consumer Detective Corporation, and now, I work in clinical research and, a Life Coach, instructor and motivational speaker. My mission is to inspire and help individuals achieve success by providing them with the guidance and tools to overcome challenges. 

Life can throw you for a loop when you least expect it. As a strategic solutionist, I had to be prepared for the unexpected. A few particular experiences brought me face-to-face with sociopaths, and they were life-changing. From that point on, I dove into understanding human behavior and how to better predict it. 


Welcome to my story! My life has been one of the most thrilling and unpredictable that led to adventures I could ever imagine. From facing challenges to overcoming insecurities, one of my stories has been told on national television. Whether you’re a fan of real-life drama and adventure or just want to see how I turned my hardships into strengths, my story will inspire and motivate you to conquer whatever challenges you're facing.


News commentary for KTVI channel 4 News 2001-2011

Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce, Published an article in 2004

Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce, Speaker in 2004

KSDK channel 5 News, featured story in 2004

Lifetime Television (Reality-TV) Final Justice with Erin Brockovich in 2004 

Guest on Radio Talk Show 97.1 in 2004

St. Louis Graphic Arts & Communications Association, Inc., 2005, and recipience of certificate of appreciation, celebrity speaker in 2005

Guest on MyTalk Radio 107.1 on the Ian and Margie Show in the Twin Cities in 2005 & 2007

WGNU, talk show host on Crimetime Live 2005-2006

Working Women's Survival Show, Speaker in 2017

Interviewed on FOX channel 2 News in 2017

Featured in various newspapers articles



High Profile Cases 

Criminal - (fugitive caught - plead guilty to multiple felonies - sentenced to 15 years)

Missing child - Shawn Hornbeck (found)

Missing child - Bianca Piper (still missing)

Missing child - Christian Ferguson (found deceased) 

Ryan Ferguson - murder case - found guilty by association - 40-year sentence - released after serving 10 years 



Education and Certifications:


Business Law

Cognitive Psychology with focus on Psychopathy and Human Behavior

Skip Tracing : Missing Persons : Courtroom Testimony 

Suspicious Activity Reporting :  Deception Detection : Infidelity Investigations  

Domestic and Commercial Surveillance Investigations

Identity Theft : Homeland Security : Ethics and Laws for Private Investigators 

PI Surveillance Laws : General Ethics 

I am a mother of two teenagers, dog and cat, whom I enjoy spending time sharing new experiences with. We invent unique projects challenging our creativity from the time before. We enjoy hiking, building small structures, and creating Youtube videos. 

In  2003 I began my research on life after death and what happens to us after we die, through observation, education, and research. I am a co-host of the vidcast, Social Bridge Network©  with none other than my friend and former co-host of Crimetime Live, Brooklyn B, former St. Louis Chapter Leader of the Guardian Angels, radio personality, and writer. We will entertain and educate our listeners from the Chatergy Studios, coffeehouses, and on the streets as we speak with people about the funniest and most difficult common problems that we attempt to help solve them. 


In my spare time, I am working on my second non-fiction book using my case log. It features the behind-the-scenes work of my career including self-help tools for hopeless romantics, adventure seekers, and those who need a trespasser fix. Action Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Guide, and Self Help. 

Lessons to live by -Don't believe everything you hear! Consider the source and trust your instincts. People who confide in you about others will confide in others about you. Give as good as you expect to receive! Don't assume you know what someone is thinking or feeling because it's probably not what you think. Don't be afraid to communicate because your words are important. Never assume it's your fault, or that someone is upset with you because you'll know if they are. Always have compassion for people because you don't know what they are going through. A smile doesn't always mean happiness. Own your behavior and your mistakes because we all make them, and don't lie because there's no point. Be true to who you are and don't let people control your behavior and your environment. Those who have insecurities will bring you down if you let them. Don't give people power over how you think and feel, always think for yourself. If you accept or take part in someone else's negative behavior, you are guilty by association and are their equal. Make the most of your time, don't let other people waste it. The only thing you have control over is how you feel about yourself so be your authentic self, always.  Everybody has a story. Cheryl D. Ring

Whether you are looking to improve your personal or professional life, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

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