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It's simple.

Chatergy is a platform for an experienced individual who would like to provide the solution and/or support, and/or comfort for the betterment of mind, body, and soul. We provide private rooms for live virtual sessions and WhatsApp for text chats for those who are in an environment that does not allow for privacy. This platform does not allow mental health professionals to operate rooms using their professional identity. The rooms on this platform are operated by people who have experiences and invaluable information to share they feel can help other people. 

  • you can find a support system that will help get you through whatever problem you are facing.

  • find support from someone who has walked a day in your shoes and overcame the situation successfully. 

  • we pre-screen our contractors whom we refer to as chatergists. Chatergists are contractors who use the Chatergy platform for their mission.

  • We are life coaches who help navigate you through your problems, having gone through the same problems ourselves. We share details of how we overcame the problem and what you might expect along the way so you can work through it with ease and support.

  • To give you an added sense of security, we screen potential chatergists. If a chatergists has a criminal record, we will state it in their description. For example, if you are facing prison time, it might benefit you to chat with someone who has faced prison time or you are a parent of someone facing prison time and you want to learn about another parent's experience and how they coped. We want you to know whom you are chatting with. Trust us, as only a convicted criminal who has turned their life around, can offer their coaching on the Chatergy platform. 

  •  Chatergists do not have access to your personal information on this sight including your address, phone number, credit card information.

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Our Story

Dedicated to providing people with support, comfort, and solutions, a private investigator created a community website in 2008 called Chatergy. A domestic scandal derailed her career in 1999, nine years in. This scandal left her feeling shocked, humiliated, and unable to trust anyone, including family members and friends. Despite wanting to trust people, her guard was up instinctually. Her rage fuelled her pursuit of justice, which led to her obsession to find her perpetrator, who was at large, then lock him up. Her success was twofold because she discovered a strength she didn't know she had and defined her confidence that took her to an unimaginable place.

While she felt she could have benefited from the idea of this website, she couldn't find anything on the world wide web like what she would later call Chatergy, a safe place to talk to someone who has walked in your shoes and overcame the shared dilemma. Through her healing process, she made it her career to help people find the support they need. In doing so, she became a strategic advocate for people in difficult circumstances. She founded Crimetime Live radio show and told her story on Lifetime television. 

In today's world, she is retired from the industry after 30 years and gives public speaking presentations and lectures on how to investigate using public records, presents an experience to audiences regarding identity theft, how to detect deception, and she shares her personal story and how she overcame her brush with a criminal. 

As a life coach, she helps others reach their full potential.


Chatergy offers a non-judgemental reliable support system. We offer comfort to those who cannot get it at home and with you in the driver's seat we are in the passenger seat to offer directions that can help you find a solution. I guess you can call us back-seat drivers. We target your unique talents and abilities when creating strategies with you. We are listeners, confidants, and on your side.


Meet The Team

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