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It's simple. 

Chatergy is a platform for people who wish to experience different ways to promote and maintain a healthy emotional journey through life. 

OUR MISSION: and it's affiliates are dedicated to providing resources, programs, digital media, and a social media platform to those who seek peace of mind and a positive mindset. 


To do that, we must offer a variety of resources and programs that include videos, tutorials, live private and group virtual sessions, digital media in the form of podcasts, vidcasts, Youtube videos and more. We depend on people who have unique experiences, talents, skills, and knowledge with a passion to help others by offering solutions, support, and comfort to our member community. 

Our members will have access to this vetted platform where they can select FREE and for-hire services, view digital media, member to member chat platforms and more. These instruments contain a positive message or intention that is consistent with our mission.

We use ZOOM for live virtual sessions and WhatsApp for safe text chats for those who are in an environment that does not allow for privacy.  


The BRIDGE is our social network platform where you will find people who are seeking and offering solutions to life's problems big and small. The BRIDGE is FREE for Chatergy community members. Membership is FREE! 


For a paid *membership Chatergy offers a vetted platform with unique services:

  • Real people with unique experiences and solutions to a problem you are facing

  • Chatergy relationships can develop throughout your journey

  • Find the support system you need and want

  • Become the support system someone else is seeking and EARN $$  Learn More

  •  Your security and privacy are our number one concern so we take extra steps to provide you with a safe environment on

        Must agree to terms and conditions to use the site

        *collecting a small fee for the use of this platform allows us to create a safe environment

Our Story

Dedicated to providing people with support, comfort, and solutions, a private investigator created a community website in 2008 called Chatergy. A domestic scandal derailed her career and personal life in 1999, nine years in. This scandal left her feeling shocked, humiliated, and the inability to trust, including family members and friends. Despite wanting to trust people, her guard was up instinctually. Her rage fuelled her pursuit of justice, which led to her obsession to find her perpetrator, who was at large, then lock him up for a long time. Her success was twofold because she discovered a strength she wasn't aware she had and defined her confidence that took her to an unimaginable place.

While she felt she could have benefited from had she found a website like this, she couldn't find anything on the world wide web where there was a dedicated website or platform where she could find someone who had already experienced and healed from a situation like hers so she developed one that she calls Chatergy, a safe place to talk to someone who has walked in your shoes and overcame the shared experience. Through her healing process, she made a career out of helping people find the support they need. In doing so, she furthered her education and became a strategic solutionist in the investigation industry and advocated for people in difficult circumstances. She founded Crimetime Live radio show and could be heard on radio nationwide as she was called in to remark about hot topics in the news. Her story was told by Erin Brochovich on the  Lifetime Real Women Network. 

In today's world, she is retired from the industry after 30 years but continues support the community as a motivational speaker and instructor.As a life coach, she helps others reach their full potential by teaching them how to achive self-confidence, how to go from being co-dependent to independent and how t make change. 

Chatergy offers a non-judgemental reliable support system. We offer comfort to those who cannot get it at home and with you in the driver's seat we are in the passenger seat to set the path that can help you find a solution. I guess you can call us back-seat drivers. We target your unique talents and abilities when creating strategies with you. We are listeners, confidants, and on your side. We are sincere and geniune.


Meet The Team

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