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I hired Cheryl to find owners of graves that someone had bought in the late 1800s and never used them... She tracked down the owner and now I own them. Thanks Cheryl., Rich Bourisaw

"Compelling, suspenseful, intriguing, and riveting.  A can't miss Expose'-surreal-got chills just hearing Cheryl speak."  Gene Carton

"Even though we knew the basic story of Cheryl's experience with her fiancé, she presented it in such a manner that we were very enthralled again.  Although we, personally, knew the agony she and her family went through, we never realized the extent of her qualifications and energy that she brought to the situation.

  "THE WAKE UP CALL" further informed us of her extensive education and experience in her field and we were very impressed.  Not only was her story interesting but her presentation was very informative and gave the audience many simple tips that we could all use in our daily lives.

  Everyone could benefit from "THE WAKE UP CALL" program. There may be individuals in the audience who may find the need for her services or know someone who does and we think they would feel very comfortable calling on Cheryl.

  We feel that many other groups would benefit from this program also.", Mike and Bobbie Sander

What a great presentation! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the shul. It was really quite a remarkable talk - Kenny Bressler

My wife and I chose Cheryl as an investigative source.  She was completely thorough and honest. She was totally communicative with us. She went above and beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend Cheryl., Ken Altman

Dear Cheryl,

I cannot thank you enough for helping us through one of the most trying times of our lives! When I first called you, I  was confused by the vast amount of conflicting information that I was getting; I was concerned for the safety and well-being of our daughter; and I  didn't have a clue where to turn to find answers, and certainly no knowledge about investigators; but I knew I had to get those answers; I had to know the truth,  whatever it was!

What a godsend you have been! You were kind and compassionate yet very professional. You walked me through the process, explained what you would do, how you would proceed, and the different avenues you would explore to find and deliver correct, documented information from which further decisions could be made.

In short order, you are able to provide us with the reality of the situation and backed it up with undeniable facts, firmly  documented. This information gave our daughter the insight needed to make better choices for her future, and the conviction to stand firm in the face of many well-meaning people telling her otherwise.

In the end, your thoroughness and professionalism saved us thousands of dollars in legal fees and months of living on an emotional rollercoaster. While it's never easy to accept the truth about some people and situations, it does provide much needed closure.

I won't say it was "easy" but I will say that you made a very, VERY difficult situation much easier to go through and ultimately,  easier accept, and for that I am truly, eternally grateful! Thank you!
Warm regards, Rhea K

"This was an enjoyable, informative, & educational presentation.  We are inspired by her dedication, ability, & courage to tell her own story in order to help prevent others from being victims of such duplicity & scams." Marcia. Levy

"Cheryl brings her experience to life in her presentations.  They are informative and educational.  I enjoy listening to her because she is so interesting. This presentation is a must for everyone because the more educated we are the less likely we are to become a victim of crime.", Liz Borelli

"I found Cheryl's presentation both informative and compelling.  I learned that when information is needed, there are the Public Records that anyone has access to, so many different departments that you can find information on someone if need be.  The world is a scary place today, and so many people come in and out of our lives that are questionable.  Cheryl gave us valuable information on how to possibly detect a liar, read certain body language, how to be aware of scams and how to avoid them (the elderly are the most vulnerable, but I have heard that some of them are 'so good', they go undetected even by diligent aware adults.)

 When I hire anyone for a job, I want them to be the best in their field and in order to be that, the person needs EXPERIENCE.  From her presentation, she told us about the ULTIMATE experience that she had, that personal experience, where she was being scammed by her own boyfriend.  The way Cheryl went through all the ups and downs with him (way more downs as the relationship progressed), how she handled it and eventually solved it...whom better than the P.I. who was both the victim and the investigator?  G-d forbid that I need a private investigator, but if I do, Cheryl Ring would be the call I would make immediately!", Rhonnie Goldfader

“Wow.  This lady is one very good public speaker.   She could talk on anything and it would be a great lecture.   Everyone in the audience was captivated”,  Kenneth Reiss

“Cheryl's first time teaching with us was this winter/spring. Unfortunately only one of her classes went but the reviews came back with how much they loved her work! One patron even labeled her outstanding! It is our hope to grow her classes in the future so more people can be exposed to her work. I appreciate all that Cheryl does and brings to Community Ed.”,  Rockwood/Parkway Community Education

"From the beginning of her presentation, Cheryl's focus was on educating the audience.  She spoke with clarity and good enunciation so that she could be easily understood.  When she spoke of her own personal experience, she delivered the story with poise and composure.  Cheryl's talk was appropriate for a wide range of ages, from preteen through mature adults.",  Sandy Kahn

"I thought my close friends’ husband was trying to kill her.  I was referred to Cheryl Ring, a Private Investigator. I had never thought in my lifetime I would need one but the worry and concern I had for my friend had me, with my crazy story, meeting with Cheryl secretly.  She was professional, personable and very educated on all my concerns.  And I hired her on the spot to research the man my friend had married.  She got on the case immediately because she was as concerned as I was.

Shortly after Cheryl started working my case my friend surprised me that she wanted to leave her husband and asked me to help find her an attorney for divorce. With the attorney we incorporated Cheryl into my friend’s situation and she started working for my friend but did not know I had already hired Cheryl and was behind it all.  Cheryl was with my friend every step of the way through her escape and divorce from her sociopathic husband. Cheryl uncovered many things about the stranger my friend was married to that my friend did not know about. I told my friend six months after her divorce what I had done by contacting Cheryl. She thanked me for saving her life.", Tina Carpunky

"Very informational.  I didn't realize anyone-any age- could be a victim of a scam.  If this could happen to a P.I. -to be conned- it really could happen to anyone.  This information is perfect for women in the dating scene.  I hope to always follow my intuition."  Michelle Marcus

I have known Cheryl and her family for many years and she is at the top of her class when it comes to investigation, skip tracing, etc.  I recently heard her presentation “The Wake Up Call” in which she describes various scams that can hit any of us at any time as well as her own personal story in which she was a victim.  I would urge any organization to consider having Cheryl talk at your next meeting to help prevent others from being taken advantage of which could result in a loss up to your life savings.   Unfortunately we live in a world in which some individuals have no remorse and make their living being con artists.  Knowing their tricks ahead of time and knowing what to watch for can help you, your family members and friends to avoid a tragic situation.  Thank you Cheryl for your presentation and concern for others, I learned a lot.- Mark Ragin

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