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"It's an EXPERIENCE not a speech!"

Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat and expect the unexpected during this audience participation presentation of The Wake Up Call.  No matter the topic you are sure to get a wake-up call with Cheryl's delivery.  You will be amazed at how much you will learn from Cheryl that will help you in your day to day life and motivate you to use available resources, develop new investigative skills, and listen to and trust your instincts.  Crime is everywhere and it does not discriminate.  Stay one step ahead of the game and learn ways to protect yourself,  your loved ones and assets in our crime infested world. 


Invite Cheryl to speak at your event: Associations, Professional Groups and Organizations,  Universities/Colleges, Religious Groups, Businesses and Human Resource Departments, Students, Social Groups, PTO Meetings,  Women's Groups and Private Parties. 

Motivational Presentations

 POWER HOUR-Would you have the confidence to go up against a con artist? 


As seen on Lifetime Television, Cheryl captivates her audience with her true story of love, deceit, danger, and courage as she faced the biggest challenge of her career when in 1999 she fell victim to a con artist career criminal.  As both victim and Investigator, she must find the determination and discipline to solve the case that caused her and her family devastation.  Cheryl takes her audience on a life-changing journey that proved strength and resilience.  You will go into the depth of a criminal investigation and into the mind of the most common menace in society, the Sociopath.  Ride on a rollercoaster cat and mouse game of PI vs. Criminal and learn the skills, tools, and techniques that Cheryl used to beat this criminal at his own game, skills that are invaluable to you in your everyday life at home, work, and school.


You will find your hidden strengths through this audience participation presentation of The Wake-Up Call.



Informative Presentations and Workshops

Identity Theft II- Post Pandemic   (2 Hours) 

Explore how identity theft has evolved during the pandemic. Criminals continue to expand methods of identity theft often in channels and platforms used by many daily.

Gain knowledge on international criminals who are working-class citizens in their foreign communities who will do whatever it takes to put food on the table and learn about local criminals who are finding ways to get their hands into your pockets. Scams can seem realistic in nature and are difficult to detect because of their relation to businesses, hospitals, education institutions, often putting you, who rely on these institutions, at risk. Gain insight, stay one step ahead, and protect both your identity, those of your family, and your bank accounts. Just like COVID, victims of ID theft are falling by the minute.

  • Young adults 18+ including college students

INVESTIGATION BASICS  (2 Hours / Workshops Available and can be broken down into 4 one-hour classes)

Have you ever had the need to run a background check on a person or business?  This program is designed to instruct on how to conduct your own investigation to little or no cost.  


You will learn:


  • Public online resources and how to use them

  • Techniques used by investigators

  • The ins and outs of background checks and the information you need to know

  • Who to hire and not to hire, rent to, date, conduct business with and why

  • Learn by example with true stories that demonstrate all of the above


This program is ideal for:


  • Small Business Owners

  • Homeowners who hire contractors to come into their homes

  • Rental Property Owners 

  • People who use the internet for Online Dating / Buying / Selling

SOCIAL SAFETY  (90 minutes/ 8 maximum)

Learn how to live a drama-free life by educating yourself with the do's and don't(s) in social situations. 

Whether you are doing online dating, attending personal or professional social events, or sitting in a waiting area, you will learn how to avoid getting sucked into someone else's drama. It's not what you think. If you say "hello" to the wrong person, you may find that you wished you hadn't.  

Book your Wake-Up Call TODAY!  Schedule Cheryl to speak at your next event.   Please call for rates.

"It's an EXPERIENCE not a speech!"
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