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90-Day Fiancé-Relationship Reality

You meet someone from another part of the world, fall in love, plan a future. It's a gamble and risk to your heart, bank account, and current relationships with family and friends.

Would you consider an international long-distance relationship?

Would you consider an international long-distance relationship?

  • YES

  • NO


  • I am in an international long-distance relationship

Let's talk about the wrong reasons to consider an international long-distance relationship.

Thousands of individuals migrate to countries such as the U.S., Australia, and England in pursuit of a better life. Many aspire to escape poverty, advance their careers, and access higher wages, intending to provide a more prosperous life for their families. This approach is successful for those possessing skills that contribute financially to potential relationships. However, it is not a viable strategy for those expecting to be financially supported by unsuspecting individuals seeking genuine connections and love.

Which category do you belong to?

Which category do you belong to?

  • I am a native of the U.S., England, Australia-EMPLOYED

  • I am a native of the U.S., England, Australia-UNEMPLOYED

  • I live in a poverty-stricken country-EMPLOYED/SKILLED

  • I live in a poverty-stricken country-UNEMPLOYED/NO SKILL

There are many reasons why someone would consider love outside of their nationality. Sometimes the long search for love within your community becomes smaller as time goes by and that puts a limit on your choices that can often lead to settling.

Statistics show that settling often ends up in divorce. Also, when you engage in a permanent legal relationship between ages 18 and 25, with or without kids, for love or otherwise, your relationship is on borrowed time because at that age you are still growing as an independent person. Think about what would happen if you and your partner were growing in opposite directions. This can happen in any relationship no matter the country or culture you are partnered with including your own.

If you are not done with your independent growth and grow with a partner who takes the wheel then you are developing into a person who your partner wishes you to be, just like them.

If you grow together meaning your partner supports your wishes and desires and goes along for the ride with you just as you do with your partner then you are building a healthy foundation for a potentially successful partnership. This can be achieved with anybody and from any international background and culture.

Have you experienced any of these scenarios?

Have you experienced any of these scenarios?

  • I settled and feel trapped-STILL TOGETHER, UNFORTUNATELY

  • I settled and changed to suit my partner-RELATIONSHIP ENDED

  • I settled and changed to suit my partner-GOING STRONG

  • Started young with mutual growth-GOING STRONG

The right reason to marry someone, anyone, is for true love that has the potential to grow with a healthy foundation and environment for both parties. That could be in your country or theirs and with people who support the relationship.

Without love, a growing foundation and healthy environment, and support, the relationship will struggle. It could be achievable but it will require more work to survive.

A relationship that lacks any of these survival elements might be indicative of a relationship of convenience meaning one party is using the other for a specific reason.

Do you know someone, including yourself, who is in a questionable relationship?

Do you know someone, including yourself, with the appearance of a questionable relationship?

  • YES- an international relationship of convenience

  • YES- a domestic relationship of convenience

  • NO- an international relationship of love

  • NO- a domestic relationship of love

Now, on to the 90-Day Fiancé cast.

Things are not always as they seem. What we see on film is a production based on drama, real or encouraged, for ratings so remember that we don't know the full story of one's relationship that is used to create a TV series for profit. The profit is built on public viewers who unknowingly recruit advertisers who put out commercials during the show. The larger the fan base the more viewers attract commercials. Sensationalism adds more drama to a situation that might not be as dramatic behind the scenes but don't let that deter you from noticing the situations that bring enough of its drama. Also, if a couple doesn't bring enough drama to the table they will not be considered to be cast on the show. With all of this in mind, we want your opinion on these couples:

If you watch the show 90-Day Fiancé, whether still together or not, and while some answers might seem obvious, please cast your vote.


What 90-Day Fiancé couples do you believe were built on a foundation of convenience?

  • Chantel and Pedro

  • Colt and Larissa

  • Ariela and Biniyam

  • Jorge and Anfisa

In the current Season 10, what couples won't last?

Season 10- 90 Day Fiance- what couples will end in a break-up?

  • Gino and Jasmine

  • Sophie and Robert

  • Manuel and Ashley

  • Nick and Devin

Next Time - we will talk about the cast members and their outrageous, awkward, weird, and obvious behaviors.


The Chatergy admins are super fans of the show and two of our admins were "90-day Fiancé" and applied for the K-1 Visa and experienced the process.

Always here for you,


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